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"The Christie's Geneva Watch Sale in November 2012... By the end of the sale prices were on par with the highs of 2007, even having surpassed them in many cases...Buyers were piling in to all of the quality watches and wristwatches one after the other. Astronomical auction prices were not only achieved for Patek Philippe wristwatches. The Geneva auction in November surpassed all expectations...with enthusiastic bidding in the room, on the telephone and online, ...the values of modern and vintage wristwatches...were a world record breaker...This landmark watch sale at Christie's Geneva netted +33% versus November 2010 results. Bids came from private collectors and museums as well as from investment funds, proving that quality watches are now considered a world's class asset. , and was the largest sale ever for wristwatches. This sale illustrated perfectly that the market for wristwatch collecting is continuing to get stronger - and to inspire confidence among collectors...…
[Source: iW Magazine, January 2012]

As the French say, “Les Gouts et Les Couleurs Ne Se Discutent Pas” – literally it means that “Tastes and colors are not to be argued. This means that every person is different from another person, and that no one should judge other peoples' tastes. The following excerpt from an article is an Excellent Example of this: · "Is It Bigger Than a Breadbox?... When it comes to Luxury watches, as many gift recipients will discover this Christmas morning, sizes are nearing the Big Ben range… Watches have bulked up steadily, incrementally becoming brawnier, thicker, and wide enough to invite comparison to Sun Dials. Particularly over the last decade, high-end watchmakers like Breitling, Franck Muller, IWC, A Lange & Sohne, Omega, and Panerai…and even traditionally conservative companies like Cartier led the way with models offering ample quantities of what the industry refers to as “Wrist Presence”. Timepieces in stores this season…have reached epic proportions. Collectors (both men AND women) mention that a Super Size Watch is like a big sports car, “It gets attention, and it makes a statement”…”What’s the Limit? There is No Limit”…”It’s the Ultimate Look At Me”…The last time watches were created in big sizes, it was during WWII, to enable aviators to read them while flying combat missions…But watches have also started to slim down, as it was evident at the BaselWorld Watch Fair
[Source: New York Times, December 2012]

"The Euro's Death Will Send Gold Soaring... ...As investors are stampeding from the Euro-Denominated Debt of most governments; with rates so low on US Treasuries and too little Japanese and Chinese sovereign debt in open circulation, GOLD is likely to become the asset of choice. Now trading at USD $1,790.00, GOLD could zoom right pass USD $2,000.00 to USD $3,000.00 an ounce... Analysts recommend to continue investing in Antique Watches, Other Watches, and Other Collectibles.."
[Source: Wall Street Journal, November 2012]

"Walking into a jewelry store or high-end watch department can be an intimidating experience: The timepieces are under glass. The room is hushed. The security guard is staring at you. No wonder so many people these days are shopping for luxury watches ...on the Internet, where they can avoid stuffy attitudes, compare brands and maybe even find a lower price..."
[Source: Los Angeles Times, August 2012]

· "Analysts, according to a report by Capgemini Financial Services & Merrill Lynch, have said that 2010 was a good year in world markets for investments of passion, including Antique Watches, Watches, and other far 2011 has already surpassed 2010...2011 is an even GREATER year to continue to invest in Antique Watches, Other watches, and Other Collectibles...Watches auctioned in Christie's, Sothebys & Antiquorum Auction Houses are fetching more than 3 (three) times the estimated price..."
[Source: Wall Street Journal, June 2012]

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